• Advanced palmar fascia

    Advances in medical treatments sometimes leads the way to advancements in diagnosis. Hand Surgeons are in a brave new world of mini endoscopes with a range of tools and implants. Thus, what was a quick 5 minute scan in the past may now take a little bit longer as the Surgeon wants more detailed i...

  • Ankle tendons

    Ultrasound assessment of the ankle is one of the most commonly requested musculoskeletal examinations because of its wide availability, cost effectiveness, accuracy and safety. The superficial position of the ankle tendons makes ultrasound the ideal initial radiological investigation for patholog...

  • Ultrasound of Nerves around the elbow and proximal forearm

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  • Assessing crystal disease such as gout with ultrasound

    Crystal diseases are a common musculoskeletal complaint. The use of ultrasound is increasingly being used to aid in diagnosis and management of these conditions. The ultrasound features of crystal diseases and the data around the use of ultrasound for assessment and management of gout will be pre...

  • Ultrasound of Myositis

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  • Calf Muscle Injuries

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  • AI augmented 3D ultrasound for hip dysplasia

    Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a congenital deformity occurring in ª3% of infants. If hip dysplasia is diagnosed early
    simple corrections using a soft cast are sufficient but if missed it can
    lead to premature osteoarthritis and might require surgical intervention.
    More than o...