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Workshop 1: Portal hypertension



  • Workshop: Practical contrast ultrasou...

    Workshop: Practical contrast ultrasound - how to & cases. Introduction to microbubbles and the practical 'how to' requirements to implement CEUS.

  • Workshop: Hepatic shearwave elastogra...

    Workshop: Hepatic shearwave elastography - how to? This workshop covers tips and tricks to ensure accurate and consistent results when using shearwave elastography to assess the liver.

  • RUQ - not the usual stones

    RUQ pain ñ it's not always stones and cholecystitis! Patients presenting with RUQ pain can have all sorts of pathologies. An approach to a biliary tract ultrasound scan will be presented, along with sonographic features of various causes of RUQ pain. Tips will also be given on how to navigate yo...