• RUQ - not the usual stones

    RUQ pain ñ it's not always stones and cholecystitis! Patients presenting with RUQ pain can have all sorts of pathologies. An approach to a biliary tract ultrasound scan will be presented, along with sonographic features of various causes of RUQ pain. Tips will also be given on how to navigate yo...

  • Ileus and obstruction

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  • Small infrarenal Aortic size - what does this imply?

    While a relationship between large infrarenal aortic diameter and both cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevalence and all-cause mortality has been previously suggested, there is also evidence that small aortic size may also be associated with increased CVD risk. We examined a total of 4882 elderly (...

  • Assessment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) activity in perspective

    The management of the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, has been revolutionised in the last decade by the availability of efficacious medical therapies and by the adoption of effective new treatment strategies utilising these agents. The most effective med...

  • Refinements in abdominal aortic aneurysm screening; a new screening tool

    Refinements in abdominal aortic aneurysm screening; a new screening tool and incorporation of body surface area correction

  • Fetal and neonatal US ñ what does the clinician need to know?

    The most important consideration in dealing with fetal hydronephrosis is the overall welfare of the mother and the child, then one should consider the outcome for the kidneys and the bladder.
    What the Paediatric Urologist needs to know is if and when intervention is needed. While we await resear...

  • New guidelines on gastrointestinal ultrasound (GIUS)

    here are many guidelines and clinical recommendations released by EFSUMB during the years. An EFSUMB Task Force Group (TFG) with experts from all over Europe has continuously worked since 2014 to generate GIUS guidelines on various topics. The world's first ever guidelines on gastrointestinal ult...

  • Role of US in IBD panel discussion

    Panel discussion: The role of ultrasound in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Assessment of portal vein patency in Symmers Bilharzial Periportal Fibrosis

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  • Bowel pathology

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  • Advances in trauma ultrasound

  • RIF pain

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  • Gallbladder polyps - incidental finding or potential cancer

    The term gallbladder polyp (GBP) refers to any elevated lesion on the surface of the gallbladder mucosa. The majority of GBPs are so-called pseudopolyps (cholesterol-polyps, focal adenomyomatosis, hyperplastic polyps or inflammatory polyps) with no malignant potential. True GBPs includes adenomas...

  • MR Enterography vs small bowel ultrasound for Crohnís/inflammatory bowel disease.

    MR Enterography vs small bowel ultrasound for Crohnís/inflammatory bowel disease. MR Enterography is the international gold standard, particularly initial staging. GIUS considered a highly accurate imaging modality and valuable for ongoing surveillance of disease.

  • Biliary interventions

    As guidance methods for biliary interventions are used US, X-ray, EUS and ERCP. The Bbenefit for US is: availability, repeatability, daily visit of drainage, fast, permanent view, examination before / during / after the procedure, low cost, combination with X-ray, Interventionist is the curing do...

  • The abnormal bowel: A sonographic pictorial

    Bowel ultrasound is a powerful clinical problem-solving tool. In patients with lower abdominal pain, bowel ultrasound can help determine whether the cause of pain is urological, gynaecological or intestinal in origin. The presence of bowel wall thickening, surrounding inflammatory changes (creepi...

  • AAA Screening

    The value of Aortic Anuerysm Screening with abdominal ultrasound is well established. There are however important questions that remain for screening programmes to remain cost effective, accessible, affordable and equitable. Developing strategies to make this possible will be presented and the im...

  • Let's get education on EVAR surveillance

    This presentation aims to provide an overview of abdominal aortic aneurysms, Endovascular Aortic Repair (EVAR) numbers and configurations, devices, endoleak and ultrasound assessment including cases.