• Optimising echocardiography in Pulmonary Hypertension

  • Balloon for diaphragmatic hernia: The total trial

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  • RUQ - not the usual stones

    RUQ pain ñ it's not always stones and cholecystitis! Patients presenting with RUQ pain can have all sorts of pathologies. An approach to a biliary tract ultrasound scan will be presented, along with sonographic features of various causes of RUQ pain. Tips will also be given on how to navigate yo...

  • Contrast enhanced ultrasound in head and neck lymph nodes

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  • What is the best chart to predict perinatal outcome?

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  • Ileus and obstruction

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  • BUCKLED: ultrasound in kids with distal upper limb fractures in the ED

    Forearm fractures in children are a common presentation to the Emergency Department. Paediatric distal forearm fractures account for almost a third of all fractures in children, with a significant proportion of these diagnosed as buckle (torus) type fractures. These fractures are unique to childr...

  • Diagnosis and management of caesarean section scar pregnancy

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  • Conotruncal anomalies

    Conotruncal abnormalities are those which include abnormalities of the great arterial connections and arrangement. They include Tetralogy of Fallot, Pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect, Double outlet ventricles, Truncus arteriosus, Transposition of the great arteries and Interrupted ...

  • Acute finger injuries up close

    The diverse spectrum of acute finger injuries diagnosed with Ultrasound is a reflection of the hands complex anatomy and function, combined with an athlete's desire to challenge, refine and push to the limit this functionality.
    High-resolution ultrasound probes now make identification of tendon ...

  • Diagnostic thoracic ultrasound curriculum for acute care physiotherapists

    Diagnostic thoracic ultrasound is increasingly being used by non-physicians; hence, we evaluated a curriculum for acute care physiotherapists in critical care.
    The one-day course included didactic lectures combined with expert-led hands-on training. Participants undertook ...

  • The less spoken of extreme: fetal macrosomia

    When describing growth, a fetus may be appropriate for gestational age (AGA), too small (SGA, sometimes confused with intra uterine growth restriction, IUGR) or too large (LGA), a condition often defined as macrosomia. While the literature on IUGR is extensive and many lectures/conferences are de...

  • Balancing risks of surgery with conservative management of benign adnexal masses

    Balancing risks of surgery with risks of conservative management of benign adnexal masses

  • Tamponade

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  • Point of care functional cardiac scanning

    Patients in the neonatal intensive care often demonstrate clinical situations where hemodynamic compromise is common. Birth itself is the complex transition from placental blood flow to pulmonary blood flow as predominant provider of preload to the left heart, with redirection of blood flow over ...

  • Small infrarenal Aortic size - what does this imply?

    While a relationship between large infrarenal aortic diameter and both cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevalence and all-cause mortality has been previously suggested, there is also evidence that small aortic size may also be associated with increased CVD risk. We examined a total of 4882 elderly (...

  • Contrast and EVAR

    The use of contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) to quantify the presence or absence of an endovascular leak using ultrasound.

  • Calcific tendinosis

    Calcification may occur in tendons due to multiple mechanisms. These include:
    ï Degenerative: necrosis of tenocytes due to ischaemia or repetitive trauma
    ï ëTraction spursí: endochondral ossification at tendon or ligament insertions
    ï Crystallopathy
    Calcific tendinosis is a crystal arthropath...

  • Assessment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) activity in perspective

    The management of the inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, has been revolutionised in the last decade by the availability of efficacious medical therapies and by the adoption of effective new treatment strategies utilising these agents. The most effective med...

  • Left ventricular diastolic function in the ICU

    Diastolic function in echocardiography aims to cover; 1. Normal diastolic function including normal haemodynamics, LV relaxation and echocardiography physiology; 2. Diastolic dysfunction including haemodynamic changes, echo pathophysiology and grading of diastolic dysfunction.

  • Ultrasound of brachial plexus injuries

    Ultrasound of the brachial plexus is complex both anatomically and sonographically. This presentation aims to explain this in more detail.