Physics Webinar Series

Physics Webinar Series

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Physics Webinar Series
  • Beam focussing and beamformers

    This webinar will include a description of the various methods used to focus an ultrasound beam including the use of an acoustic lens and how electronic focussing operates.

    The method of operation of multiple focal zones and the use of variable aperture on transmit will also be discussed. Th...

  • Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

    This webinar will discuss contrast-enhanced ultrasound including the fundamentals, terminology and clinical uses.

    Learning outcomes of this webinar include:

    What is CEUS?
    Physical parameters of contrast microspheres
    Echo generation
    Clinical uses

  • Advanced Technologies

    This webinar will discuss the fundamentals of tissue harmonic imaging, spatial compounding and 3D/4D imaging. For each technology, the speaker will discuss the underlying physical principles, the system operation, advantages and disadvantages and clinical uses.

    Learning outcomes of the webin...

  • Resolution

    This webinar covers a description of spatial resolution including axial and lateral components, contrast resolution and temporal resolution. The description includes how beam factors and other system components affect resolution and methods that can be applied to improve these resolutions.


  • Simple transducer design and operation

    This webinar provides details of the individual internal components of ultrasound transducers and how these components operate. It will also introduce the principles of multi-element transducers and explain how sound waves interact with each other through wave interference.

    Key learnings and...

  • Doppler Principles

    Gain a basic understanding of the principles underlying Doppler ultrasound, continuous wave, pulsed and colour Doppler instrumentation, displays, accuracy and limitations.

    The following will be covered:
    ï Basic Doppler concepts
    ï Continuous wave, pulsed and colour Doppler principles

  • Ultrasound Machine Instrumentation

    This webinar will cover many of the controls typically used during an exam.

    This includes functions such as zoom, TGC, power, gain and dynamic range.

    Learning outcomes include:

    - the setting controls for the user
    - what the machine is doing with the application of these settings

  • Doppler Artifacts

    This webinar will help you understand the main artifacts specific to Doppler and how to minimise or eliminate them.

    The webinar will cover:
    ï Review of artifacts specific to Doppler
    ï Aliasing
    ï Intrinsic spectral broadening
    ï Spectral mirror artifact
    ï Artifacts due to subopt...

  • Differences in Doppler - Colour, PW CW and DTI

    This webinar will cover the modalities of PW, CW DTI and colour Doppler.

    You will learn about -
    - how these various forms of Doppler are generated by the ultrasound system
    - appropriate machine settings and how this will affect the displayed result
    - limitations in use of some of these...

  • Bioeffects and Safety

    Gain a sufficient understanding of the safety of ultrasound and how to use the equipment to ensure the operation is within safe limits.

    Learning outcomes of this webinar include:
    ï General considerations, precautionary principle
    ï Thermal bioeffects
    ï Mechanical bioeffects
    ï Cal...

  • Artefacts specifically tailored for cardiac

    This webinar will cover typical artefacts seen during an exam. While these are global in all studies, the example given here will demonstrate cardiac exams.

    Learning outcomes of webinar:
    - the various categories in which generated artefacts fall into
    - how these misrepresentations are ge...