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Fetal and neonatal US - what does the clinician need to know?



  • Renal cystic disease: What's new?

    KUB ultrasound is the bread and butter scan of the paediatric ultrasound department. Accurate and consistent measurements of hydronephrosis are important for treatment and interval surveillance of these patients. At present there is a mismatch between the measurements considered normal in the ant...

  • Can LUS in the DR predict respiratory...

    Lung ultrasound has shown promise as a powerful diagnostic tool in newborns. During birth, the infant must transition from a fluid filled lung that depends on the placenta for oxygenation and the elimination of carbon dioxide to an aerated lung that successfully exchanges gases. Ultrasound examin...

  • Lung ultrasound advanced

    Overview of the real utility of lung ultrasound in neonatology across the spectrum of respiratory pathology encountered. The value of a starting with a focused clinical question in the functional application in various disease states, from acute respiratory distress to bronchopulmonary dysplasia ...