• Physics Webinar Series

    11 items

  • Ultrasound of the Difficult Breast

    Learning outcomes:
    - Understanding why and when lesions can camouflage by identifying ultrasound anatomical change
    - How to optimisation for different pathological presentations
    - How to use varying probe techniques for challenging cases"

  • Predicting Risk of Malignancy in Adnexal Masses (IOTA & O-RADS)

    Learning outcomes:
    - to replace the term ‘complex ovarian cyst’ with IOTA nomenclature - learn about IOTA Easy Descriptors and Simple Rules
    - understand how to use the IOTA Risk of Malignancy model ADNEX

  • Endometriosis Ultrasound Taster

    Learning outcomes:
    - Understand terms and definitions when doing ultrasound for endometriosis
    - Understanding and appreciation of anatomical locations of deep endometriosis
    - Understanding of practical applications of ultrasound in diagnosis of endometriosis.