• Caesarean Scar Pregnancy - What's in a Name?

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    Caesarean Scar pregnancy: What's in a name?

    "That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”… If our lives in a medical field were as poetic as Romeo and Juliet.

    The corollary for us is that CSP - whether to describe it as a non tubal ectopic or not and it would not make it ...

  • Physics Webinar Series

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  • Getting a CLUE (e)FAST - An exploration of POCUS protocols illustrated by cases

    Learning outcomes:
    - Be aware of the names of some of the POCUS scanning protocols that are being used in clinical practice, particularly in the hospital and pre-hospital setting
    - Be in a position to select and apply one of more of these POCUS protocols to their clinical practice if appropriate...

  • Increased NT After Neg NIPT - What to Tell the Patient

    Learning outcomes:
    - the definition of an increased NT
    - the diagnostic yield of chromosomal micro arrays at different NT thresholds
    - the role of advanced genetic testing such as fetal exome sequencing.
    - the importance of genetic counsellors in the provision of decision-support and supporting ...

  • Clinical utility of US in rheumatoid arthritis

    Learning outcomes:
    - US detected pathology seen in rheumatoid arthritis.
    - Consideration of what’s normal.
    - Pre RA states and similar conditions
    - Prognostic value of US pathologies in RA.
    - Monitoring of disease activity in RA.