• IUGR: Detection & assessment, Onset, Management & Future

    Learning outcomes:
    - Difficulty in screening and diagnosing growth restriction.
    - Tests available in utero, their use and limitations, to decide on timing of delivery.
    - The difference between early and late growth restriction
    - Neuroprotective agents: pre and/or post delivery, could they be the...

  • Optimising echocardiography in Pulmonary Hypertension

  • Physics Webinar Series

    11 items

  • Fetal Brain Anatomy using 2D and 3D ultrasound

    Learning outcomes:
    - improve your knowledge and understanding of fetal brain anatomy throughout pregnancy
    - know when to incorporate 3D ultrasound to help obtain relevant information.

  • Ultrasound of the Difficult Breast

    Learning outcomes:
    - Understanding why and when lesions can camouflage by identifying ultrasound anatomical change
    - How to optimisation for different pathological presentations
    - How to use varying probe techniques for challenging cases"

  • Endometriosis Ultrasound Taster

    Learning outcomes:
    - Understand terms and definitions when doing ultrasound for endometriosis
    - Understanding and appreciation of anatomical locations of deep endometriosis
    - Understanding of practical applications of ultrasound in diagnosis of endometriosis.

  • Mitral Regurgitation

    Learning outcomes:
    - A review of current guidelines in the assessment of mitral regurgitation
    - Case based discussion of cases highlighting key concepts in assessment
    - A review of emerging concepts in the assessment and quantification of mitral regurgitation

  • The Art of Breast US in a Multimodality Environment

    Learning outcomes:
    - Understand basic lesion identification and triangulation on MRI breast for second look ultrasound
    - Understand the logic of algorithm and steps in the identification, biopsy and marking breast cancers
    - Learn key findings in monitoring breast cancer being treated with neo-ad...

  • Working through Conflict: Dealing with the Tough Stuff

    There are many sources of conflict in the workplace, often existing when disagreements lead to struggles between people and competing ideas. It’s our job to manage these conflicts when they occur, yet more often than not, we cringe at the idea of having these conversations. This session will give...

  • Echogenic bowel in the foetus

    Learning outcomes: - Find out how best to identify the ethology
    - Strategies for management.

  • Assessment of Diastolic Function Guideline Based Approach

    Learning outcomes: - Comprehensive overview of guideline based approaches to assessment of diastolic function
    - Case examples of application of guideline algorithms
    - Review of the haemodynamic and prognostic evidence for the guidelines
    - Discussion of novel approaches to assessment of diastolic ...

  • NIPT and its Impact on Obstetric US Examinations

    NIPT has altered the face of modern-day fetal assessment. It has also had a significant effect on screening ultrasound examinations. Sonographers and sonologists alike need to recognise the impact this non-imaging technology has on ultrasound examinations and how we, as imaging specialists, can a...